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Did a meteor fly over Houston? See video of the streak in sky | 'Wow.' Astrophysicist Eugene Parker Reacts to Namesake Sun Probe's 1st Science Results (Video) | America seeks faster ways to launch military satellites


Did a meteor fly over Houston? See video of the streak in sky
Dec 05, 2019 23:45 UTC. Read More

'Wow.' Astrophysicist Eugene Parker Reacts to Namesake Sun Probe's 1st Science Results (Video)
Dec 05, 2019 23:00 UTC. Read More

America seeks faster ways to launch military satellites
The Economist
Dec 05, 2019 22:18 UTC. Read More

Birds are getting smaller. Scientists see the echo of climate change.
NBC News
Dec 05, 2019 22:11 UTC. Read More

There's a New Record for the Most Massive Black Hole Ever Seen: 40 Billion Solar Masses
Universe Today
Dec 05, 2019 21:35 UTC. Read More

Artificial cells act more like the real thing
Dec 05, 2019 21:35 UTC. Read More

SpaceX launches payload of 'muscle mice,' barley grains to space station
Fox News
Dec 05, 2019 20:23 UTC. Read More

Student Solves a Decades-Old Physics Mystery
Dec 05, 2019 20:13 UTC. Read More

NASA mission catches nearby asteroid ejecting material into space
Dec 05, 2019 20:02 UTC. Read More

NASA's New Climate Science Recruits Are Elephant Seals with Fancy Hats
Dec 05, 2019 19:59 UTC. Read More

As China rapidly adopts clean energy, use of traditional stoves persists
Dec 05, 2019 19:51 UTC. Read More

New, Emotionally Intelligent Robot CIMON 2 Heads to Space Station
Dec 05, 2019 19:50 UTC. Read More

With Shovels and Drones, Volcano Hunters Probe Kilauea
Dec 05, 2019 19:00 UTC. Read More

No One Knows Why Rocks Are Exploding From Asteroid Bennu
Dec 05, 2019 18:59 UTC. Read More

A platform for stable quantum computing, a playground for exotic physics
Dec 05, 2019 18:39 UTC. Read More

Comet 2I/Borisov Came From Another Star, But It Looks Oddly Familiar
Dec 05, 2019 18:33 UTC. Read More

AI-enabled assistant robot returning to the Space Station with improved emotional intelligence
Dec 05, 2019 18:32 UTC. Read More

Comet 2I/Borisov Came From Another Star, But It Looks Oddly Familiar
Dec 05, 2019 18:32 UTC. Read More

Falcon 9 launches Dragon cargo spacecraft to ISS
Dec 05, 2019 18:26 UTC. Read More

Michigan illuminates the night sky in astronaut photo taken from space
Dec 05, 2019 17:44 UTC. Read More

SpaceX successfully launches re-used Dragon cargo capsule for its third trip to the Space Station
Dec 05, 2019 17:37 UTC. Read More

Focus: Squeezing More from Gravitational-Wave Detectors
Dec 05, 2019 17:06 UTC. Read More

Climate models have been impressively accurate for decades, study finds
CBS News
Dec 05, 2019 16:58 UTC. Read More

This Single-Celled Animal Makes Complex 'Decisions' Even Without a Nervous System
Dec 05, 2019 16:51 UTC. Read More

200 firefighters have now reportedly died from 9/11-related illnesses
CBS News
Dec 05, 2019 16:20 UTC. Read More

Can a single-celled organism 'change its mind'? New study says yes
Dec 05, 2019 16:00 UTC. Read More

Major Quantum Achievement Lets Physicists 'See' Gravitational Waves From Deeper in the Universe
Dec 05, 2019 15:59 UTC. Read More

NASA Planet-Hunting Telescope Spots Massive Burp from a Comet
Dec 05, 2019 15:55 UTC. Read More

White dwarf star covering itself with the atmosphere of a hot Neptune
Ars Technica
Dec 05, 2019 15:33 UTC. Read More

NASA mission touches the edge of the Sun
Dec 05, 2019 15:20 UTC. Read More

Birds are shrinking in North America, and climate change may be to blame
Dec 05, 2019 15:06 UTC. Read More

Life on Mars: How scientist was stunned by ‘complex organism’ discovery
Dec 05, 2019 14:29 UTC. Read More

Michigan astronaut waves to the Mitten from space with incredible photo
Detroit Free Press
Dec 05, 2019 14:12 UTC. Read More

19 Newly Discovered Galaxies Appear to Be Missing Dark Matter
Dec 05, 2019 14:02 UTC. Read More

SpaceX to attempt cargo launch, upper-stage experiment for second time
Ars Technica
Dec 05, 2019 13:52 UTC. Read More

Incredible Time-Lapse Video Shows Giant Greenland Lake Disappearing Within Hours
Dec 05, 2019 13:22 UTC. Read More

Watch SpaceX launch a new ‘robot hotel’ and more to the Space Station live
Dec 05, 2019 12:40 UTC. Read More

How does the solar wind affect Earth? Earth
Dec 05, 2019 12:10 UTC. Read More

SpaceX will launch genetically enhanced 'mighty mice' to the International Space Station
Dec 05, 2019 12:06 UTC. Read More

Lonely Antarctic Expeditions Shrink People's Brains
Dec 05, 2019 11:59 UTC. Read More

Rocks from Mars could be put in quarantine on the MOON to avoid 'War of the Worlds style disaster'
Daily Mail
Dec 05, 2019 11:39 UTC. Read More

Carbon emissions from volcanic rocks can create global warming: study
Dec 05, 2019 09:59 UTC. Read More

How Springy Bamboo Poles Help Villagers Carry Incredibly Heavy Loads
Dec 05, 2019 05:39 UTC. Read More

NASA's daring asteroid mission is trying to find a landing spot on Bennu
Dec 05, 2019 04:56 UTC. Read More

Surprising 1st results from NASA's sun-skimming spacecraft
Dec 05, 2019 04:55 UTC. Read More


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